Barnaby Evans

The internationally acclaimed artist who created WaterFire, part of a distinguished career as an artist and art professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  His work includes mixed media and site-specific sculpture, photography, film, garden design, architectural projects, writing and conceptual work.  WaterFire exemplifies his interest in the revitalization of public space and the creation of new civic rituals.  Evans was originally trained as a scientist but has worked exclusively as an artist for the past 25 years.  Evans received the Renaissance Award from the City of Providence in 1997 and Honorary Doctorates from Brown University and Rhode Island College in 2000.  With William Warner, Evans shares the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's 2003 Kevin Lynch Award for the design of Waterplace Park.  Evans's work has been the subject of hundreds of newspaper articles and is on display at museums that include the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Bibliotheque National in Paris; and the Musee d'Art d'Histoire in Switzerland.


Beth Byrd-Lonski

Beth Byrd-Lonski is a professional mime, clown, physical theater artist, producer of physical theater and teacher. She creates unique clown, mime and themed characters for parties, weddings, special occasions, corporate events, etc. She's enjoyed touring the country as a solo artist for schools and libraries as well as collaborating with various artists and arts organizations to create original material.

You can reach her at

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Broderick Jones

Kansas pop singer Broderick Jones released his 2014 debut, Cuddle, and began gaining popularity fast in his local city. Soon after that more catchy acoustic tunes came to help launch him threw the clutter of other musicians in the Kansas music scene. In early 2016 Broderick was featured on It's Different Pokemon u remix that went viral over night. Since then, Broderick's been featured on many other successful features that have racked up to over 20 million views on YouTube alone. All of that success in 2016 helped pave the way for Broderick's Album "Stories Untold" released early 2019.


Calvin Arsenia

Voted Kansas City's Best Musician 2018 & 2019 (PitchKC), featured on NPR's World Cafe, NEWNOWNEXT, &, Calvin Arsenia has built a reputation for turning the arts world on its head. Arsenia's angelic, classically-trained voice soars over audiences, while his multi-instrumental skills, particularly the Celtic harp, enchants them as he flirts between genres.

"Jeff Buckley meets Nina Simone with this soul of Sam Cooke, and the sparkle of Bjork."

But the music is just one part of his prodigious performances, for Calvin believes the art is in crafting the perfect moment. His music is best served live, with sensational performances and fashion from the visually striking performer who stands at 6'6". Arsenia's height, energy, and curated environments fill the often intimate spaces he performs in. Brought into 9 countries through public and private grants in less than a decade, Arsenia builds a scene for his audience packed with beauty and lasting delight.



Quixotic is a Kansas City-based, internationally performing, arts collective collaborating to produce new forms of artistic expression.  This inventive group of artists goes beyond traditional performance to blend a multi-layered sensory experience.


Rhythmic Flames

Rhythmic Flames is a Kansas City based tribe of eclectic expressive artists and fire performers that transcend the boundaries of labels and stereotypes. Their rhythmic celebration gathers community, creativity and positive energy, uplifting the spirit toward self evolution and igniting imagination. They offer you a small glimpse into their world for they are the gypsies that hide within us all…


StoneLion Puppet Theatre

For over twenty-five years, Kansas City based StoneLion Puppet Theatre has been amazing audiences with puppet spectacles around the world from thirteen years of their own giant puppet plays in Illuminated Waters to sold out Sprint Center crowds. Seen in Siem Reap Cambodia to Suva Fiji, to the annual Calacas Day of the Dead Parade to four years of Waterfire they are proud to be part of this great Kansas City tradition.


Trio Forte

Trio Forte is a vocal force of three classically trained musicians based out of Kansas City.  The trio, comprised of American sopranos Melissa Faltermeier, Elizabeth Birger, and Christina Fracul first came together on an operatic platform performing Johann Strauss' "Die Fledermaus."  Recognizing the warmth and richness of their voices together, they united to form the powerhouse that is known today as Trio Forte. They continue to tour on the national stage.Acclaimed for their lush and tight harmonies, the trio stays true to its operatic roots by performing well-known and beloved arias with a modern twist.  Always expanding on their versatility, the group also delves into a wide spectrum of musical genres:  jazz to broadway, and gospel to contemporary. Trio Forte is thrilled to be returning to WaterFire again this year.  Please join them around the Kansas City area in the upcoming months for various holiday concerts.

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Zanzibar Drums

Established in 2013, Zanzibar Drums is an African Drumming and World Music ensemble based in Kansas City with emphasis on the Djembe and Dunun traditions of the Malinké people. They are one of the performance groups that has emerged from the Kansas City Drum Tribe.